March – National Disability Awareness Month

We invite Jackson County citizens to participate in National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month throughout the month of March.   This national observance offers a chance to learn more about the value of the disability experience and the vital contributions people with disabilities are making in our communities.

Our theme this year is:  “Together We Have No Limits!”  We encourage you to get acquainted with someone who has a developmental disability.  You will learn that everyone has something to offer and that people with disabilities are all around us and a part of our lives in many ways.

The diversity that enriches our nation and the freedoms that all Americans cherish are embodied in the lives of people with disabilities.  Unfortunately, there are myths, stereotypes, and low expectations that can lead to the creation of systemic barriers to equitable experiences and the full inclusion of those with disabilities.  This year, as our nations continues to address serious issues, we should seek to ensure that each one of us has the opportunity to pursue our dreams and to contribute our own unique talents to the fabric of our communities.  Consequently, this awareness month is critical to bringing about real change.

By engaging in Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, it is intended to urge our community to embrace the richness of America’s diversity by considering the talents of all people, including those with developmental disabilities.