About Us

Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County – eitas  is a political sub-division of Jackson County that provides funding and services for Jackson County citizens with developmental disabilities.

Value Statements:
Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County – eitas:

  • will advocate for a wide range of services and funding to meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities.
  • will promote a culture of inclusion and individualized supports.
  • will support individuals with developmental disabilities through cutting-edge programs and  empowered staff and providers.
  • will provide the highest quality of supports and services by listening to the people it supports and the people who know them best.
  • will support people to be active, full members of their communities.
  • will be a Missouri leader in developing, supporting and furthering a community free of attitudinal and physical barriers and where persons with developmental disabilities participate in the full, rich life of their community without fear and prejudice.
  • will conduct itself with integrity, propriety and honesty in carrying out the Board’s mission, values and responsibilities.
  • will seek to insure the health, safety, and quality of life for the persons we support through  proactive oversight of the programs we fund.
  • will, whenever possible, leverage its resources to enhance funding and forge local, state and federal partnerships to expand available funding and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.