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Missouri Department of Mental Health – Developmental Disability Division

Missouri Department of Mental Health – Developmental Disability Division
The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities serves individuals with developmental disabilities such as cognitive disabilities, cerebral palsy, head injuries, autism, epilepsy, and certain learning disabilities.
Kansas City Regional Office is the primary point of entry for the following counties: Platte, Clay, Ray, Jackson, Lafayette, Cass, Johnson, and Bates. Kansas City does not provide paid services. However, regional offices purchase services from contracted agencies licensed by the Department of Mental Health or other national accrediting agencies.
Support Coordination is available in every county. Support Coordinators provide case management and are responsible for assisting with advocacy, linking people to services and assuring the health and safety of the individual supported. Regional Office staff are available to explain support coordination options in your county.
The Kansas City Regional Office organizational structure includes:

Intake and Eligibility 
Youth Transition/Employment Resource Coordinators
Autism Navigator
Self Directed Services Coordinator
Advocacy Specialist
Family Support Coordinator
Behavior Resource Team
Regional Quality Enhancement
Provider Relations

Providers that contract with the Division are supported by our Provider Relations and Quality Enhancement Units.
821 E Admiral Blvd
Kansas City